With Childlike Reverence

“Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.” Mark 10:15
This is one of the many times that Jesus references the kingdom of God as something that is characteristic of a child. Entry into the Kingdom of God is considered something that, in the end, is so simple a child can do it. We have to come to Christ with a childlike reverence…one of wonder and awe. A child trusts easily and is easily impressed. We should trust Christ easily. There’s nothing easier in this world in the truest sense because we have been given literally everything that we need and then some (Ephesians 1:3). Let’s come to Christ with that kind of trust.
I could talk more about this verse, but I believe this poetic meditation by my friend Karla is better than what I can say.
“I ask myself, How would a child come to God?
Then I think about the children I nanny, and slowly I begin to understand.
That child would come without hesitation, without preconceived fears or doubts.
That child would look up to God through childlike eyes and from a child’s perspective.
He is big and I am little.
He is strong and I am weak.
He is right and I am wrong.
He will hold and protect me in His arms.
He will hold my hand.
He will know what to do. . . .
I should be ready to listen and to ask questions,
but not to argue with Him about what He says and the way He handles things.
Letting Him take the responsibility of caring for me.
Indeed, expecting Him to care for me,
And trusting Him to care for me.
Reaching out to touch Him and holding His hand for
safety and comfort.
Resting in His lap.
Putting childlike arms around His neck.
Being excited to see Him and have fellowship with Him.
Knowing that He is much wiser than I.
Knowing that He is much stronger than I.
Knowing that He is sovereign.
Oh God, why do we tend to grow away from You
as we get older? Why do we begin to think
we don’t need You? Why do we question
Your motives, Your love, and Your power?
I am so sorry, my Lord and my God.
Oh how I need You.
In childlike faith I come to You today,
Acknowledging that You are my Perfect Father, my God . . .
and that I am Your child. I’m powerless without you.
I Love You. Please help me to come to you with a childlike perspective.”
SDG. Knowledge Ignites.

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