Music, Books, and Movies

I love books. I love music. And I love movies. Let me tell you about three fantastic specimens of the arts I’ve discovered recently.


Dark Waltz by Hayley Westenra. This song is so beautiful, I just kind of melt. The first time I heard it was at a dance, which was really quite perfect. The lyrics simply speak of the beauty of waltzing in the moonlight (which, by the way, if you’ve never done that, it’s awesome). The music is really pretty and it’s serene and lovely. Give it a listen.


The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. This is the first installment of the second Camp Half-Blood series. It’s a young adult fiction book, and it’s awesome. It weaves Greek and Roman mythology into a modern narrative featuring prophecy, heroes, and giants. I loved it. The first Camp Half-Blood series was the Percy Jackson series (you may have seen the abysmal failure of a movie by the same name, unfortunately). That was amazing too, and it’s just exciting to see the action continue into another series


Primer. This is a small indie flick about a couple of engineers that create a time machine. It’s a nice twist on the traditional time machine genre, and encourages a little more speculation as to what’s going on. There was a nice twist that was a little hard to follow but it ultimately made sense. Maybe worth your time if you’re a hardcore sci-fi geek like myself.


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