XXXIII Olympiad

Shockingly enough, when you get a new job on a political campaign, you suddenly have less time. Even more shocking, when you get a new job on a political campaign and THEN the Olympics are on for two weeks, you subsequently have zero time. You have to schedule out slots of your day for eating and breathing because there’s no free time for such nonsense.

The Olympics are really fantastic. My family has always been positively obsessed with the Games and the tradition breathlessly following the events with my whole family has been a treasured experience. It’s a tradition I hope to continue my entire life.

Now, I don’t really follow sports. But I love the Olympics. Why is this? I think it’s pretty obvious, really. The Olympics are patriotic. They’re nationalistic, certainly. You get to really feel pride for your country on a level that isn’t political (which is really nice, because when it’s political, it’s hard to feel positive about your country at all). But deeper than that, there’s something else about the Games that really draw people in. And that is that we get attached to the athletes. It’s much like watching a favorite TV show and falling in love with the characters. For two solid weeks, we are on a journey with these people. Their joys and sorrows become our joys and sorrows, even when they’re not American (Oscar Pistorius, anyone?). We experience a connection through the airwaves that’s simply electric. We want them to succeed, and we’re sad when they don’t. And we’re disappointed in them when they display a bad attitude when they get silver instead of gold.

But unlike a TV show with loveable characters, these are real people. And that connection is suddenly magnetized. The Olympics are more than a just Games. They’re a journey with real people who experience real things. And maybe for some of us, there is a little bit of vicarious living going on. 😉

I was pleased that there were so many athletes who thanked God for their success. It was encouraging to see, and of course, a major shout out to RCUS member Paige McPherson, who won a Bronze medal in Taekwondo. Paige stated that it was her desire to get this far so that she could tell the world she did it all for the glory of God. Amen to that!



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