The Star Wars Wars!

Alright everybody! Welcome to the new and improved blogomatic, SnowedIn! I decided it was time to switch my focus and give the whole thing a new feel. I’d like to focus on more interesting topics related to culture, history and overall interesting things that are out there. What better place to start than sci-fi and the two greatest musicians on YouTube??

Lindsey Stirling VS. The Piano Guys!



lindsey and peter star wars

I present to you “Star Wars Medley” by Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens. (It’s an Internet rule that you can’t write too many blog posts that include Lindsey Stirling…it’s just a fact.) In this offering just uploaded this past week, Lindsey teams up with Peter Hollens, an all-voice musician who brings his a capella awesomeness to the Star Wars world. The video starts off with some vintage nerdiness from our favorite YouTube stars, and then the song begins with the familiar triumph of the Star Wars themes and transitions seamlessly into the other recognizable tunes from the franchise. Midway through the song, Peter Hollens really shows off his talent with those awesome bass notes thumping out the evil Empire theme we’ve all come to dread! Lindsey’s demonstrates the variety of her violin as it flits from soaring tenor of sweetness and victory notes to brash tones of foreboding and doom. The visuals in the music video are rather stunning, with authentic costumes and live action sets.

Special Bonus: As an awesome side note, when Peter starts singing the Sith theme at 2:58, sing the words, “Corn on the cob, corn on the kabob” with him. It fits awkwardly well.


piano guys cello wars

This piece, entitled “Cello Wars” has been up for much longer than the Lindsey Stirling/ Peter Hollens arrangements, which explains why it has over 12 million views as opposed to just the 1 million the former video has. This piece has really cool visuals with Steven Sharp Nelson of the Piano Guys playing cello with a lightsaber! Yes, a lightsaber! That’s literally impossible but he does it because the music cannot be contained! It starts off with a more foreboding Star Wars theme that really takes off with the juxtaposition of the two cellos against one another. This video actually took 6 months to make because the costumes, music, and editing have so much depth to them.

Special Bonus: The unexpectedly delightful Darth Vader debut at 1:48. This is quite possibly the best 5 seconds of video on YouTube.


Honestly, it’s a difficult decision but I think the Piano Guys version has more going for it. Lindsey is my mostest favoritest ever, but there’s nothing like some good Sith cello to get the ol’ Rebel alliance started up again!

Who do you think wins this epic battle? Sound off in the comments!

Check out their YouTube Pages:
Lindsey Stirling
Peter Hollens
The Piano Guys


6 thoughts on “The Star Wars Wars!

  1. The Piano Guys. No contest, really!


  2. That was beautiful. Thank you, Snow.


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