Dear Hipster Church


Since I am again feeling like I have less time to write than I should, I am reblogging this post from a friend. I echo his sentiments about the hipster church and the millennial energy that doesn’t have too much direction. I’m not sure what he’s talking about with the bag of rice in the second paragraph there, but I do agree that a church that is all youth is going to be facing some interesting problems. Age segregation is an interesting problem…probably something I’ll discuss in a future post. Anyway, enjoy this and let me know what you think!

what is stopping you?

So many thoughts I am likely not allowed to put on facebook. So, WordPress is in for a treat today! A early Christmas special as you would have it. ^__^

1. We Get It.

You love Jesus, we get it. You love others, we get it. However, it’s confusing when you treat Jesus and His words so flippantly.  It’s confusing when He’s merely “the man upstairs”, or “big bro in heaven”. I don’t really understand this Jesus you guys have placed your faith and hope, and ultimately laid down your life for. It’s confusing the obtuseness of your theology and lack of clarity in soteriology.

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