Stop Focusing on Millenials

Millennials like holding small churches as well.

Millennials like holding small churches as well. Image links to source.

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about “millennials”. Millennials, according to the Internet, are a group of highly narcissistic Facebook addicts that can’t find time for church, otherwise known as people who were born between 1980 and 2000.

At least that’s what you might think if you read a few of these articles demanding that the church start catering to the “needs” of millennials (as if millennials don’t have the same needs as everyone else). One article I read said that millennials have “highly sensitive BS meters” and can detect any hint of untruthfulness in church. That seemed pretty narcissistic to me.

Here’s the thing: the church is not here to validate you. No, it’s really not. It is not a social institution designed to cater to consumers, despite the deplorable entertainment mindset of the modern church. The church is the bride of Christ. And it’s job is to serve Christ and propagate the Gospel.

The question, “Why are the millennials leaving the church?” should be completely irrelevant to any church that is faithfully submitting to Christ and preaching the word of God. Because any church that is faithfully preaching the Word of God doesn’t have to care about membership numbers. This is because numbers don’t matter, faithfulness does. The question is, “Are we serving Christ and preaching the Gospel?”

If young people are leaving your church, there’s two possible explanations: 1) the church is unfaithful and in sin OR 2) the person is unfaithful and in sin. In all the discussions about millennials leaving churches, it’s amazing that no one has stopped to ask, “Well, maybe the millennials are wrong for leaving.”

Whoa there. Do I dare suggest that young people born between 1980-2000 might actually be sinners? That perhaps have unbiblical expectations for what a church should do? And some of them may be leaving for sinful reasons?

Millennials (of which I am one) are people too. They need the Gospel and Jesus just like Generation X and the Baby Boomers. A church that’s preaching the Gospel and Jesus doesn’t need to worry about young people leaving, unless the church is in sin.

Is there a problem that so many people are leaving the churches in America? Yes, and I don’t mean to suggest that the decline in membership in churches is actually JUST the millennial generation’s fault. Churches have largely failed their members, but that includes ALL their members, not just millennials. The point I’m trying to make is that there are two sides to this coin, and we would be remiss if we didn’t examine both.

If you leave a church because it’s petty and judgmental and failing to preach the Gospel, that’s a good thing.

But if you leave because the church biblically declares sin to be what it is and that’s offensive to you, then the blame is on you.

What do you think? Is the focus on millennials too strong, or rightly placed? 


10 thoughts on “Stop Focusing on Millenials

  1. Reblogged this on Grace and Physics and commented:
    Though the tone of this article is somewhat brash, I agree. It’s not about catering to any kind of sub-culture. It’s about serving in the Body of Christ- not only what you can gain, but more so what you can give.


  2. The times may change, but people really don’t. Each generation has to make it’s own choice for Christ. It is the responsibility of the church (all Christians) to give them the information to make that choice and then the Holy Spirit does his job. It is wrong to put too much focus on just one generation when all generations need Him.


  3. Depends on what/where you’re reading about this subject. The millennials I have been made aware of are a new breed of believers from our generation who are seeking God’s heart as He has called. A group of believers looking to further the kingdom in His way rather than the doctrine’s of religion/denominations. I have left my home church I grew up in for the same reason. Simply because I wasn’t being fed what I desire. I can seek on my own but there is also a call to move in the body of Christ in a corporate setting as well. A place to equip one another and edify. The millennials I have come to learn about are the ones who are going to break the stigma of man made doctrine through the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ.


    • That’s actually part of my point. I don’t believe that millennial are a “new breed of believer”. Sure, we may have slightly different ways of expressing how we serve God but there is no fundamental difference between us and any other age group. We don’t have special needs, we need the Gospel. Culturally, we may have different preferences but a desire to serve Christ is not unique to us and I think it can be dangerous I think that we are so different. A desire to serve Christ is a good thing but it is not unique to us.


      • There are many stories in the Old Testament of kings who grew up in a perverse generation that wasn’t seeking God’s own heart or to abide by His law. King Josiah of Israel is an example that comes to my mind who was a child. Took the throne at a young age and radically changed a nation because of his own convictions in his heart as Jew. I don’t believe in any way that the “millennials” of today are any different. I’ve read numerous prophetic words by world renown prophets who have proclaimed this very thing. It’s happening whether anyone agrees with it or not. I for one am witnessing it. Either way if it doesn’t line up with God’s word we can’t take it at face value. The prophetic words I have read do line up with God’s word. The things I’ve witnessed line up with the prophecies that line up with God’s word. And it’s really not even about “differences” in serving God because we all fall short according to His word. It’s by the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit that dictates what He desires to do with His people “the church and body of Christ” that will bring Him glory in this world. Do you believe you have the power to be used for healing? To prophesy to ordinary people you’ve never met outside of the church? To speak in tongues of the Holy Spirit in a Holy language that only God can understand? I for one am, speaking from experience, have grown up in “church” to believe God only uses certain people for these gifts. Ephesians and 1 Corinthians says differently. The church displayed in Acts was a church after God’s heart, furthering the gospel, and moving in signs and wonders. The modern day church today is so diluted with man-made doctrine and beliefs that is starving the body of Christ and causing believers to be less ineffective at furthering the gospel as God has called them to…not what they themselves or anyone else believes their calling or purpose is. Millennials are those who are pursuing that from what I have learned, witnessed, and read about. They will be the ones bringing revival to the body of Christ.


      • I think that God can, does, and will use millennials for His kingdom. But I still contest that millennials are just like any other believers, and we are not special. We just aren’t. We may live in a society where the church has largely failed us and we may have a mission that looks different from what our parents faced. We are not a special brand of Christian, and I disagree that God will be solely using millennials to bring revival to the body of Christ. He doesn’t age discriminate. Revival comes by the Holy Spirit.


  4. Love this post. I am not a mellennial. Slightly older! 🙂 However, I am tired of the church always trying to change and cater to the needs of any group. I grew up in the church and I am a pastor’s kid so I have seen the many changes the church has gone through. You are right on about the church not needing to validate anybody. I am so tired of the social programs and the entertainment factor of the church. I come away visiting most churches thinking all I want is to learn more about Christ and someone read from the scriptures without everything being relevant or applicable to today. Give me that “old time religion” and I am not that old!! 🙂


  5. Not saying millennials are a “special” breed of believers. I’m also not saying they will be the only ones bringing revival though I can see how you might have perceived that. I guess I’ve explained what I’ve explained is because I felt this blog didn’t do any justice to what the millennial generation is being highlighted for. As you have shown in your comments, you agree with some of what I’m saying in regards to who they are. None of that was stated in the blog. Millennials are a different breed of some sort because it’s obviously gotten someone’s attention or else you wouldn’t have written this blog. Should they/us be esteemed higher than any others? No I dot believe so at all. All I’m clarifying is what/who they are intended to be and stating the purpose. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are given out by measure of Holy Spirit (again 1 Corinthians). It is to Him to dictate to whom and how much. The modern day church as a whole isn’t in a position in spiritual truth to receive it and millennials by prophesy have been highlighted to bring revival which by definition is a “spiritual awakening to the body.” So I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with any amount of “talk” about it because it’s a good thing. To esteem a generation to be better than another…I would say is wrong. Or am I missing your point again? If I offended you I do apologize. I read your question and felt impressed upon my heart to share.


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