3 Things More Important Than the Duck Dynasty “Controversy”

A+E Networks 2013 Upfront

So if you haven’t noticed, there’s a show on A&E called “Duck Dynasty”. Quite frankly, I don’t really know what it’s about because I saw one episode and thought it was kind of cheesy, but a lot of Christians I know like the show because the Robertson family (the stars of the show) are all Christians. Which is awesome! Well, Phil Robertson, one of the stars, gave an interview stating the Biblical position on homosexuality (plus some crude/vulgar terminology that could have been entirely avoided) and now he’s been suspended from the show.

Christians everywhere are in an uproar and a Facebook page called, “Boycott A&E Until Phil Robertson Is Put Back On Duck Dynasty” now has over 700,000 likes. I could go on, but I really think it’s a predictable narrative and ultimately, it may not matter. Christians are going to continue to be marginalized in this country and I think it’s important to remember how bad things aren’t. Consider these 3 things that are more important than this current controversy.

#3.  North Korea’s  psychotic leader is making everyone nervous

The Issue: North Korea is one of the last truly Communist nations left in the world. As such, their leadership is kind of crazy. When Kim Jong-un took over the country a few short years ago, the international community wondered if this signaled a change for the country of 24 million.

Apparently not.  Kim Jong-un recently executed his uncle who had been his adviser. Like, straight up had him killed after he had him accused of treason. Until now, everyone kind of just didn’t really take Kim Jong-un very seriously. But now that he’s acting crazier, it’s making some people nervous. Like China.

Why It’s More Important Than Duck Dynasty: Because North Korea could actually turn into a threat, politically or economically, to the US. Duck Dynasty? Not so much.

#2. Russia just bought Ukraine; citizens of Ukraine aren’t happy

The Issue: Ukraine has been involved in political turmoil and government protests for weeks now, and the country’s president just announced that he signed an agreement with Vladmir Putin of Russia that basically amounts to a government bailout.

Russia agreed to slash gas prices for Ukraine and buy 11 billion euros worth of government bonds in exchange for…? No one is really sure what Russia’s angle is, but the citizens of Ukraine aren’t buying it, as this is widely seen as a move to pull Ukraine into a tighter relationship in order to keep the small industrial country from joining the EU.

Why It’s More Important Than Duck Dynasty: Well, because it actually matters in terms of international politics. Russia wants to be a world superpower again, and that affects the whole world. Phil Robertson got suspended. Have we gotten some perspective yet?

#1. South Sudan is about to be launched into a civil war

The Issue: South Sudan became a nation in 2011 after nearly 25 years of civil war in Sudan finally ended. Now, there is political unrest in the region, and violence has been escalating in the past few days.  As EuroNews reports, “The violence pits loyalists of former Vice President Riek Machar against the administration of President Salva Kiir.”

The two forces are largely aligned with two warring ethnic groups, the Dinka tribe, which is aligned with President Kiir, and the Nuer group, which is aligned with former Vice President Machar, but there is debate on whether or not the conflict is ethnically or politically motivated. 

Why It’s More Important Than Duck Dynasty: Because a lot of people have already died, and if this gets worse, a lot more will die. This poses a major threat to Christians in the nation, because South Sudan is generally considered the more Christian nation, with Sudan in the North having a much larger Muslim population. This could be a really bad situation for the Church over there, so please be praying about it.

I don’t want to completely downplay the Duck Dynasty situation, because I do think some of what happened is unjustified. But really, in comparison to what’s going on in the word, it’s not as big of an issue as South Sudan. 

4 thoughts on “3 Things More Important Than the Duck Dynasty “Controversy”

  1. I don’t think it’s a Duck Dynasty thing…my issue lies with GLAAD. Good post though.


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  3. Thank you for the current events and insight! I’m into the whole Duck Dynasty thing because I like getting involved in boycotts and stuff but you’re right: there’s a lot more important issues going on and I didn’t know about any of the current events you mentioned. I’m going to look into them now. Thank you again! 🙂


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