And She Smiled As She Died

(c) eyes of odysseus. Click for source.

(c) eyes of odysseus. Click for source.

This is a poetic response to the viral video of Emily Letts, who filmed her abortion and posted it online. The video can be found here. It is non-graphic. My overall impression was just pure sadness and I tried to convey that here. I’m not attacking Ms. Letts, I’m just letting my emotions run their course over her decision. 

Raw, cold emotion

Nothing, I feel

An image of “progress”

On a cold silver reel.


Words are not with me

As violence starts smiling

I struggle for breath

And am not smiling.


A picture plays on the screen

Of a woman sweetly

She says her name is Emily

And this is her story.


She just wants to talk

She just wants to speak

To tell her story

Of a life she wants not to keep.


So she tells me what she’s going to do

Of how she plans this mistake to undo

Her mind is set, it can’t be changed

The child inside must not be named.


Her eyes, they smile

But her words cut deep

She lays on the table

And hums to a beat.


While the whirring machines

Stills another heart’s beat.


She admits it’s a baby

But what does that mean?

She says she’s not ready

To bring a child on the scene.


So she hums while the doctor

With his cold, gloved hands

Snuffs out the warm life

That she’d carried, unplanned.


She says, “I’m empowered”

Because it’s her choice,

To silence a child

Who has not a voice.


So she hums on the table

As she undoes her “mistake”

With a smile in her eyes,

At the life that she takes.






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