I’m Going to Kill A Man

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Author’s Note: This is a fictional short story. It should not be construed as a plan to kill someone; read to the end, and hopefully, it all makes sense. Enjoy and leave some feedback!


I’m going to kill a man.

I know who, I know where, and I know how. It will be quick and clean but satisfying; the culmination of what feels like a thousand years of hatred, bubbling up from within my heart. I’ve planned it so carefully. Everything will be perfect. Nothing will go wrong.

I can’t stand it anymore.

Injustice. Rage burns within me, rising up through my throat and dribbling out of my mouth as so many black, venomous words. It consumes me. It defines me. It is all I know. But, I’ll put a stop to it tonight. Tonight, justice will be served. Tonight, the poison will stop forever. I will have vindication, I will have revenge. No, not revenge. Justice. That’s what this is. It’s justice. Long overdue for what he did; the sins that shackled my hands, and darkened my future.

I will no longer pay for what he did. For what cannot be undone.

The voice that he stole will be awoken again. The words that have gone unspoken will now be heard. He can’t stop it! It comes at him like a storm in the night, relentlessly pursuing and encompassing him. His evil heart even now plays its final cadence; the sad conclusion to a cacophonous symphony of an engorged and decadent life. Beat by beat brings him closer to his demise. Oh, how I relish it!

The scent of candles hangs still in the air as I make my final preparations. My mind is swirling from the glimpse of impending resolution. A few short hours more and my campaign shall be complete. This insect, this monster, this loathsome parasite that has sucked the marrow from my bones shall be snuffed out. I recall each of his deeds…the crimes of a man lost in himself, destroying his family in a miserable rebellion against God and man. Those I love most have been torn apart by this ravenous beast. Hours upon hours…wasted and lying at the foot of a forgotten life. I’m the shell of the man I used to be, and it’s all his fault! Why am I so blind? I can be who I once was, but not while he lives. He gives me no choice. He takes and takes and takes. He has to die. He must suffer as I have suffered. This retribution cannot be undone. The price must be paid for these crimes…somehow.

It’s raining outside. How fitting a scene for my righteous retribution. I take my implement, my sweet device of deliverance, and silently creep down the hall to the study; his favorite place to commit his crimes. I open the door, and tightly grip my crowbar.

With a yell, I leap forward and slam the bar down onto my adversary. The brightly lit screen shatters with the first blow. In seconds, all that is left is a smashed wreckage of plastic and wires. It needed to be done to kill the man, the man that was me. But is he dead?

Breathing heavily, I fall into the leather chair that sits in the corner of the study. The crowbar slips from my hand. As I sit, fear begins to cloud my heart. Maybe I didn’t kill him. Maybe I’m not strong enough. Our mutual heart whispers his lies to me. He can’t be killed so easily! Freedom, seconds ago seeming so close, has evaporated. I feel his grasp closing around me again, pulling me down. Help!

In a panic, my eyes fall on an open book, sitting on the nightstand. I’ve never seen that before. The dim light in the room illuminated one short passage, and as I read it, understanding dawned. This was the answer, the resolution to my iniquity. Perhaps He could help me. I picked up the book and began to read, those first words still clear in my mind:

Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God.




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