100,000 Years Away

Imagine this scenario: Jesus doesn’t come back for another 100,000 years.

That’s a seriously long time. What if the end of the world is so far away, we can’t comprehend even the slightest notion of what that means? It kind of puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

The fact is that we humans, and particularly the breed commonly known as Americans, are entirely obsessed with ourselves. We think we are the focal point of history, the very reason that life on this planet exists! Everything is about me, me, me! We obsess over how great our lives are, how great our country is, and generally, how fantastic we are as people.

But if life on this planet continues for another 100,000 years, what is America? Just another empire that has risen and fallen. We tend to get ahead of ourselves by declaring ourselves as the greatest country that ever has or ever will exist.

And we are deceived because we think that somehow makes us better people. In 100,000 years, will America even be remembered? Perhaps another nation has taken it’s place in history as a bastion of freedom and liberty. Perhaps America is nothing but an ashes on the trash heap of history.

Perspective is everything. We would do well to have one characterized by humility.