The Cold War is Happening Again in Ukraine

If you haven’t been following the events in Ukraine, you should go check it out on Twitter. The hashtags is #euromaidan. Basically, it’s Russia vs. The West all over again and the battleground is Ukraine. Essentially, the president was going to sign an agreement with the EU but balked at the last minute when Russia threatened sanctions. So protestors gathered on the Maidan in Kyiv to protest and things have gotten interesting. I would expound with better commentary but I have to keep it short tonight. Just keep an eye on things over there…it’s going to get interesting.

3 Really Weird Stories From This Week

Roosevelt Optimus approves (unrelated to post).

Roosevelt Optimus approves (unrelated to post).

The Internet is a strange place. If you haven’t figured this out, it’s time you did (in a beneficial and productive way, of course). Every once in a while, you have to stop and look at the expanse of the Interwebernet and marvel at the completely random stuff you can find. It’s even more interesting when it’s about current events, which just proves that people are weird, not the internet. Here are three great examples of just….weirdness.

#3. China buys a twentieth of Ukraine (maybe)

Huh? China has reportedly purchased about 3 million hectares of arable farmland in Ukraine

What? If you’re uninformed, you may not realize that China has a lot of people. Like, over a billion. They consume 1/5th of the world’s food supplies but possess only 9% of the arable farmland in the world. Which poses a problem for them. So what do they do?

They buy a country. Because why not? When you need farmland, you need farmland. Of course, Ukraine is denying that 5% of their land has been purchased…but that’s a small detail. The size of the land China has bought is roughly the size of Massachusetts.

Pictured: Site of China's future community garden.

Pictured: China’s future community garden.

Read the whole story here.

#2. NASA will pay volunteers $18,000 to stay in bed for 70 days

Huh? Our great nation’s space program is looking for volunteers to do their best impersonation of an incurably lazy man. For 70 days.

What? NASA wants to figure out how much your muscles and bones will be affected by doing pretty much nothing for 2 months. They’re doing tests with simulated microgravity and want to see how the body will respond to “space-like” conditions. There’s a catch though: you have to be really crazy fit to even apply. They only want to watch healthy people deteriorate; not already deteriorated people deteriorating further.

Poor guy. He could be getting paid to stay in bed.

Poor guy. He could be getting paid to stay in bed.

Read the full story here.

#1. Pakistan had an earthquake so powerful, it created a new island

Huh? Actually, it’s kind of a tragedy because there’s a lot of people who have probably died in the earthquake. But, the 7.8 magnitude quake did apparently create a new island.

What? The island is reported to be 20 to 40 feet high and 100 feet wide. It’s roughly 350 feet off shore, and spectators actually gathered to watch it happen. Talk about bizarre. New islands are rare for earthquakes, even big ones. Another major geographic feat of earthquakery? In 2011, Japan’s earthquake shifted the whole country over by about 8 feet. 

This guy wasn't too happy about it.

This guy wasn’t too happy about it.

Read the whole thing here.

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